fissara MOVE

How can I consolidate lines on invoices that are sent to my customers?

As of version 3.17.0, you can now choose to summarise the loads that are displayed when multiple jobs have been completed. Follow the below steps to achieve this:

  1. In your MOVE environment, expand the Customer menu item by clicking it
  2. Click on Manage Customer to navigate to the next page
  3. On the menu presented in the top middle of the page, click on Customer Preferences
  4. In the Preferences box, expand the Invoice Breakdown drop-down menu item and select Quoteline specific invoice
  5. Once this is selected, a checkbox will appear at the bottom labelled Consolidate Invoice Line Items, check the box next to it
  6. Click Save
Can I delete Waste Types?

You cannot delete any waste types once they have been created in your environment. This is because doing so could potentially cause issues with jobs/quotes that have been created with an association to the waste type(s) you’d want to remove.

How can I exchange a skip for a different size?

If your customer has requested a new skip, but wants a different size to what was originally requested, you can easily do so through fissara MOVE.

See this guide on how to exchange a skip for a different size.

What do the icons on the Create Quote screen mean?

To create a Quick Quote you will need to navigate to Quotation > Add Quote, you can find the option to create a Quick Quote in the top right of the page.

The quick quote function is used when managing a new cash customer. When you create and save a quick quote for a new customer, they are automatically saved as a cash customer and their details can be accessed easily by typing their name in the search field on the quotation page.

Note: Credit customers can’t be created through the quick quote functionality.

The quick quote function can also be used for existing customers. Search for the customer by using their name, account number or postcode and fill in the remaining details. This is very efficient as the quick quote requires fewer details than the full quote.

You can only add a Quote Line once you have entered the required Customer and Site Details.

Surcharges and Admin Fees

Add Surcharges and Admin fees to a quote line e.g. fuel cost for extra mileage.

Operational and Driver Notes

Add a Quote Line Date Range, so that the quote can only be called off between a certain date range e.g. if a job needs to be completed between a certain dates in the future.

Disposal Location and Cost

Choose a Disposal Location, and select the location using the blue tick box. The Disposal Locations are set up within the Admin Supplier Management page.

Quote Line Icons

Once a quote has been called off or saved, it can be accessed in the quote details page: Quotation > Add Quote > search customer by name, account number, postcode, Site Address or quote ID.

The Quote Details page will appear after entering any of the above in the ”Search For…” area in Quotation > Add Quote page and selecting the required Customer detail from a drop down list.

Quote Line

When creating a quote a user needs to fill in a quote line. Each quote will differ depending on the job type, but all follow a generic template.


This contains an abbreviation of the job.


A lookup field where users can either lookup waste or materials and select.


The weight type can be loads or tonnages, as well as day or hourly.


Where possible the price per load/tonne is calculated.


The total price based on price per quantity/quantity type and surcharge(s).


There are four available actions.

7. COD (Cost on Delivery)

Cash customers can pay upon delivery rather than at the time of call-off.

What do the icons on the Invoice Management screen mean?

Once a job has been completed, the system will generate the Invoice/s overnight in batch, for the following day. You can view all the invoices and status in the invoice list page, this can be accessed at Reports > Invoice List.

Invoices can be sent as an attachment to an email or printed. It is still possible to edit the order number and the job description.



When editing the Invoice you can change the Order Number and Job Description.

At this point, you can further modify the Invoice and change some of the Job Information and Add any final Surcharges before the Invoice is sent. You can also download any relating Job Documents, e.g. a WTN.

This is the full Invoice screen. All of the Invoice details held in the system are shown here, including Job Information, Job Contribution, Quote Details, Documentation and Communication and Transaction History. You can also access all stored images and signatures.

You can add attachments to Customer Invoices. The attachments are Job Type specific. This is covered in Adding a Customer. Below is a Waste Transfer Note example, this will be sent to the Customer alongside an Invoice.

Attachments available:

  • Waste Transfer Note
  • Waste Disposal Note
  • Conveyance Note
  • Day Rate Ticket
  • Day Rate Ticket with Customer Tickets
How do I see my jobs on the MOVE app?

After completing the vehicle checks, you will then be able to see the first job to be completed.

You can view all of the jobs allocated if you swipe up on the screen. As you can see above, it shows you the location of each job. You can only click on and view more details of the first job to be completed. This is so that the jobs can only be carried out in the order that they are allocated.

How do I log out of the MOVE app safely?

When all jobs have been completed, the driver can check out using the menu. At check out, the driver is required to enter the closing mileage and additional notes.

The driver can check-out even if jobs have not yet been completed. A pop-up box will ask if you are sure you would like to check out. At this point the user can input the closing mileage and further notes.

Finally, the driver will need to sign and Check-out.

It is important to make sure that all data has been synchronised and available on the web console. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi where possible. Once this is complete it is safe to log out of the application.

Additional Information

The app will synchronise all remaining data such as photos and waste transfer note details. Normally this data is sent whilst the driver is using the app, however, completing this step ensures that once all jobs are finished, the data is uploaded to the web and accurate customer invoices can be created.

If there are any data errors, the user will be asked to send a debug report. The debug report enables the software developer (fissara) to resolve any problems and improve the overall app experience.

Try to synchronise all data using an established WIFI connection rather than using mobile internet (3G, 4G, 5G). 

How to avoid data errors:

  • Update your app when a new version is released.
  • Synchronise using Wi-Fi
What is the MOVE user app?

What is the User App?

The User App is where the driver logs in, manages vehicle checks and their jobs for the day. First they will be asked to complete their vehicle checks before they can view their jobs. The jobs will be shown in order and can only be completed the order that the appear in. The User App is where you can manage your workforce remotely.

  • Checking that the vehicle is safe to drive – log defects e.g. lights, tyres, brakes
  • Record Tachograph details – enter start and finish mileage
  • View and complete jobs – record job details, capture signatures, images and notes


User App

Downloading the App

Download the app for android on the Google Play store: Move&hl=en

If you can’t find it on the google play store,  try searching for Fissara.

To Download the app for iOS please go to the App Store and search for “fissara Move”.


Once a driver has been assigned to a vehicle, they can log into the app. At first, the driver will be required to complete the vehicle check in.

This step is very important as any defects found in the vehicle will be reported at this stage.

App – Log In

Checking In

This is how the app will look when opened up on a device by a user. Here you can enter your email and password to login.

Before you are able to see the job page, you will have complete the  vehicle check.

Before you sign in, remember:

  • You must assign a vehicle to the user
  • You need to have an internet connection
  • You should have installed the latest version of the app
What do the icons on the Daily Allocation screen do?

You can customise the allocation screen view by using the icons in the toolbar at the top of the jobs list.

What job types does MOVE support?

In the app, each driver can view a list of their jobs to be completed after they have the checked in. This section will cover how these different job types are created and how they are allocated as jobs to the drivers. The types of jobs may differ but there are six standard job types.

Muck Away

Once the waste types, location and prices are configured you can create Quote Lines. The Line price considers the quantity of the waste delivered, the vehicle type and the disposal location. On the example above, the Price/Load is £240 using a 20 Ton Tipper.

The pricing in the Quote Line is affected by the collection and disposal location, e.g. distance travelled.

Day Rate

Material Delivery

Material Cost = The waste type + supplier material cost + the required profit margin (as a percentage)

Transport Cost = The number of miles between the supplier location and client site.

Note: The system contains a simple lookup table. If the total mileage value exceeds the table value a maximum charge will be applied.


Miscellaneous Jobs

What is a user?

A user is anyone who can access the system either using the fissara Move App or the fissara Move web console. Each user can be assigned to a different role, this allows different levels of access to the features and functions of fissara Move.

As an example, a driver can be given access only to the user app on a portable device, where as someone from the accounts team would only need to see the invoicing on the Web Console.

Suggested System Roles could be:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Transport Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Operations Director