fissara MANAGE

What is a form?

A Form is a digital representation of a paper based form. The Form module allows you to recreate these paper forms in fissara Manage. Created Forms can be assigned to Users, Sites, Activities and Workflows and are completed via the User App.


What do the icons on the Pending Jobs screen do?

On the pending job list, you can assign any unallocated jobs to a user/engineer or team. You can also edit the jobs from this list add an engineer, remove an engineer, add a job priority and add a document with ease.

You can also assign any unallocated jobs to a user, engineer or team as well edit list of pending jobs prior to them being scheduled.

Any job that is not an “in progress” or “aborted” status may be edited and amended. You can add site information and documents as well as engineers or teams.

When you select the pencil edit icon, within a pending Job, you will see the following job card which will allow you to edit site information.

A job which has not yet been allocated can have more of its fields edited within the job card by clicking the pencil icon.

What do the icons on the Schedule Timeline do?

The schedules module is the area in which you can create pre-job tasks, jobs, abort jobs and schedule jobs.

The schedule timeline is a versatile overview of your users/engineers, teams, regions and areas. You can search/filter your view of the timeline to suit your needs. Activities and jobs show in different colours dependent on type and status.

What is the document repository?

The documents section is a file repository in which you can store any details necessary. You can create, rename and delete folders or files to maintain your file structure.

The documents stored here cannot be accessed when adding a document to a job.

Upload files from your local drive with ease by simply right clicking a folder and selecting “new”.

Once you have uploaded a file, you can delete it from the system or download it from the system. Expand the document root and view all documents under each folder.

Right-click on the documents root to create a new folder within the document root. To create a new folder within an existing folder, right-click on the folder and add new folder.

What do the icons on the Stock Management module do?

The “Stock Management” screen provides a comprehensive overview of the entirety of your business’ stock. From here you can see your items, along with their type, status, current location and more at a glance.

  1. In your MANAGE environment, hover over Stock and click on Stock Management to open the screen
  2. There are a number of tools to help you manage stock by creating new items, editing existing items, transferring stock to other locations, viewing the history of an entry and deleting when necessary
    1. Add New Stock = allows you to create a new stock entry to keep track of
    2. Edit Stock = allows you to amend any details that are stored against the selected stock entry
    3. View Activity History = opens a modal which displays all transactions that have been completed against your selected stock item, such as transfers
    4. Transfer Stock = allows you to transfer your stock from one location to another
    5. Remove = allows you to delete the selected stock item